What We can Offer

Energy Integration-Energy development-Energy services

Use the Toll Free Number for both Phone and Facsimile: 1-855-MPE-MPE1 // 1-855-673-6731

Email: customer@megapointenergy.com

We provide solutions with outside sources to develop the key items for:

  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Transmission and Distribution Interconnection
  • Property Management and Site Control
  • Design, Engineering and Construction

We choose and bid with key specific and separate engineering, procurement and construction firms notable for lowering project costs in order to provide lowest cost of energy into the offer markets.

Mega Point Energy has experience in financing of power generation facilities, along with working with financiers in the Renewable Energy sector including companies such as Black Rock, Forsythe, Big Fir and others.

Mega Point Energy works through sector experienced law firms in order to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

5MW Kimberlina CSP Project