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Facility BESS

Solar (NEM)

Dispatchable BESS 

Use the Toll Free Number for both Phone and Facsimile: 1-855-MPE-MPE1 // 1-855-673-6731

Email: customer@megapointenergy.com

Energy Storage Containers

Projects MPE has in development:

  • 3 MW & 750,000 GPY Biofuel Project – Eureka, California
  • 20 MW Energy Storage Project – San Jose, California
  • 5 MW Solar Project – San Jose, California
  • 10 MW Energy Storage Project – Irvine, California
  • 390 MW Combined Solar & Wind Project – Phoenix, Arizona

BioFuel (Demo)

Solar PV Canopy System 

Mega Point Energy has substantial experience with Investment Owned Utilities (IOU’s). Currently MPE has several energy projects planned to supply energy to California, Oregon, Arizona and Kansas.  We were successful:

  • Bidding a 20 MW Energy Storage Solution for Southern Californian Edison’s first Local Capacity Requirements Request for Offer (LCR RFO) to a PPA Final Offer
  • Bidding a 6MW Community Solar Choice Solution for Pacific Gas and Electric’s 5th  Renewable Auction Mechanism (RAM 6) obtaining a PPA Offer

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